Sunday, 22 May 2011

Getting professional with the old business cards..

Design 1
Design 2
Back of card

da3 ...

As an alternative to the dissertation route, I picked to do the live trading option which has involved setting up a pop up shop with a team of final year Decorative Arts students.  All work is hand made using a range of materials and processes.

A sneaky look back to my processes and journey....

Collection shot for brochure

Handle plaster mould

Engraving the pattern into plaster

Applying the under glaze for an 'antique effect'

Painting raised pattern with under glaze

Applying Gold lustre to saucers

Super sculpey handle model

Final platter designs...

These are my final range of small platters. Each one has either a different colour or pattern and again are decorated in golden lustre to add that luxurious feeling...

Tea cup madness

 So my final pieces are coming together quite nicely. Here are my tea cup designs with corresponding handles to the saucers! Delve into this nostalgic and resplendent collection!

New, taller tea cup design
Initial design (shorter cup)

New saucer design!

I was having problems with my small saucers warping in the kiln, so I came up with a new design where the saucers lay flat with an extra inside rim for added decoration.These base my final collection of saucers. They remind me of childrens tea sets with their antique and ornate feel. The lustre has had a delightful and pleasing effect!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Developing Colour and Pattern

I have been testing colour and pattern with the small saucers. Each pattern is from a plaster scratch mould with added under glaze colours. Some have been decorated with gold lustre just to give them that extra royal feel!